Company Introdution

Name of the company:

Vietnamese name: Công ty CP tư vấn thiết kế xây dựng Giao thông thuỷ
English name: Waterway Engineering Consultant Joint Stock Company
Abbreviation: TEDI WECCO

Head office:
Includes Administrative department, Design division 1, Design division 2, Transport infrastructure division, TEDI Hydraulics.
Address: 57/29- Khuong Ha Street – Thanh Xuan District – Hanoi Capital.
Telephone: 024. 38584450 ; 024.38552444 ; 024.38583604
Fax: 024. 38586129

Office 2: includes
–  Geologic enterprise.
–  Topographic and hydrology enterprise.

Address: 295 Nguyen Khoai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.
Telephone: 024 39843986
Fax: 024 39843986
Branch in the South: Southern office, design divisions, topographic and geologic team.

Chairman, Director : Mr. Doan Vinh Loc
Cell phone: 0904.126.460
Fields of Operation
Fields of activity: Vietnam

Main operation :

To formulate planning projects, investment reports and work construction investment projects and make total cost estimates of port and waterway works, marine works, road works, hydraulic works, irrigation works and civil works. industrial, urban technical infrastructure, industrial, power projects, water supply and drainage works, environment.

Design consultancy works:
– Designing measures for geological survey of construction works.
– Design of hydrological works.
– Design survey measures of geodesic works.
– Design of power projects: lines and transformer stations.
– Structural design: for urban infrastructure engineering works.
Design of civil and industrial structures
– Design of water supply and drainage, water environment: for civil and industrial construction works.
– Design of water supply and drainage works under group C projects.
– Design of irrigation works.
– Design of hydraulic works.
– Design of road works.
– Design of marine construction.
– Design of port construction.

Hydraulic model testing for project formulation and technical design for traffic, irrigation, electricity.
Verification of investment projects and technical design dossiers, compilation of bidding dossiers and bidding consultancy. Consultant supervision construction of road traffic works. Project management consultancy for traffic, irrigation, civil, industrial, urban technical infrastructure, power.
Consulting technology transfer construction of traffic, irrigation, electricity, water, industrial civil.
Constructing traffic works, civil engineering, irrigation, electricity, water supply.
Production of building materials.
Geological survey works, hydro-geological.
Geodetic survey works.
Design of port and waterway works.
General planning design, overall, details urban, rural, industrial.
Supervise and supervise waterway port facility in the area of ​​supervision expertise: Building and finishing.
Construction supervision of civil engineering and industrial supervision: Construction and finishing.
Environmental consultancy.
Environmental Impact Assessment.

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