List of hydraulic studies on mathematical and physical models

1 Yên Lệnh Bridge Hydraulic Study MoCT Hưng Yên 2001
2 Rạch Miễu Bridge Hydraulic Study MoCT Tiền Giang 2002
3 Cái River Hydraulic Study Main Project PMU Khánh Hoà 2003, 2004
4 Vĩnh Tuy Bridge Hydraulic Study MoCT TP Hà Nội 2005
5 Hydraulic Study of Đà River on theTrung Hà Bridge Area – Transport Plan from Hai Phong to Sơn LaThermoelectronic Plant VN Inland Waterway Dep. Hà Tây, Hòa Bình 2004, 2005
6 Vàm Cống Bridge and HCM Road Hydraulic Study HCM HW PMU An Giang, Đồng Tháp 2005
7 Ninh Bình – Thanh HóaWaterway Route Hydraulic Study VN Inland Waterway Dep. Ninh Bình, Thanh Hóa 2006
8 Lạch Huyện Estuary Hydraulic Study Maritime Dep. Hải Phòng 2005-2006
9 Nhật TânBridge Hydraulic Study PCI Japan Hà Nội 2006-2007
10 Vĩnh Thịnh Bridge Hydraulic Study MoCT Hà Nội 2010


Red River at Vĩnh Tuy Bridge Hydraulic Study.

Hydraulic Study and Erosion Preventation of Đà River at Trung Hà Bridge.

Physical Model of Nhật Tân Bridge.

Forecast of Wave, Current and Deposition
(Deepwater Port with Breakwater Plan)
Lạch Huyện Port Project.

Maximum Flood Map – 1971
Vĩnh Thịnh Bridge Layout (scenario II).