Road & Hightway projects

1 Hồ Chí Minh Highway MoCT Northern provinces 2000  2003 Topo, Geo
2 Láng – Hòa Lạc HW Enlarging Vinaconex Hà Nội 2003 Geo
3 NH No.10 Phase 2 MoCT Northern provinces 2004 Topo, Geo, Hydro
4 National Road Network Rehabilitation MoCT Northern provinces 2004 Topo, Geo
5 Road from NH6 to 3 level Port NIWT Hoà Bình


2004 Topo, Geo, Design
6 IV Road-belt Hà Nội Hà Nội 2005 Topo, Geo
7 Hồ Chí Minh city – Trung Lương


MoCT HCM 2004 Geo
8 Can Tho Road-belt (connect Nam Song Hau to NH91) – 32 km Cần ThơTransport Dep. Cần Thơ 2008-2009 Topo, Geo, Hydro, FS
9 NH51 Biên Hòa – Vũng Tầu (package 10) BVEC Bà Rịa- Vũng Tầu 2009 Topo, Geo, Hydro, DD
10 Rạch Miễu Bridge – NH60 MoCT Tiền Giang, Bến Tre 2002 Geo
11 Bo Bridge MoCT Thái Bình 2002 Geo
12 Nhơn Trạch Bridge MoCT HCM 2003 Topo, Geo
13 Thủ Thiêm Bridge MoCT HCM 2004 Geo

Bridge on NH1 Rehabilitation from Can Tho to Ca Mau

MoCT Southern provinces 2004 Topo
15 Cao Lãnh Bridge MoCT Đồng Tháp 2005 Topo, Geo, Hydro
16 Vàm Cống Bridge MoCT Đồng Tháp 2005 Topo, Geo, Hydro
17 Tân Tập – Long Hậu Road (all bridges) Long An Transport Dep Long An 2011 Topo, Geo, Hydro
18 Erosion Prevent of NH91 (An Giang Section) MoCT An Giang 2011 Topo, Geo, Hydro-model, FS